Shutters Range

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Plantation shutters are not available in the UK market at this time


The MDF is a solid and financially savvy choice. Produced using designed wood and polymer covered gives the MDF a wipe clean and upkeep free wrap up. Five shades of white and cream to browse. Formed windows are not accessible in this style.

MDF Plus

This is a blended material painted item which furnishes the screen with a more characteristic than the standard MDF item. This all the more nearly looks like the real hardwood shades. The casings and stiles are covered in a polypropylene sleeve and the louvers are produced using ABS.


The perfect decision for most shade installations. Phoenix is a hardwood with a rich finished grain that looks incredible in an extensive variety of completions. With basic clean lines, these screens are perfect for now’s cutting-edge living. With 8 white hues and 17 stains they will be the perfect decision for your home.

White Teak

 fsc_logoMade from Forest Stewardship Council affirmed White Teak (Tectona grandis) is an exceptionally looked for after and profitable tropical hardwood because of its good physical properties, high regular toughness. Teak timber has low shrinkage and medium thickness making it reasonable for an extensive variety of purposes.


This material is to a great degree hard wearing, making it perfect for business establishments. These shades are produced utilizing a hardwood center consolidated with an ABS plastic covering. This co-polymer covering is greatly extreme and versatile and is a similar material that is utilized as a part of the produce of American football helmets.